Poster: Sophie van Os​

Transnational Dimensions of the Region in the Illustrated Press, 1842-1900

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Sophie van Os


  1. Profile photo ofkoffeman Maaike Koffeman says:

    Hi Sophie, great poster! Your research sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to hear your presentation.

  2. Profile photo ofbruna_santiago Bruna Santiago says:

    Nice poster, Sophie! I have some questions for you: 1) What was your criteria to select your corpus? 2) Do you intend to use a GIS tool to map the transnational circulation of the images?

  3. Profile photo ofNoraRamtke Nora Ramtke says:

    What a fantastic poster, Sophie! Bochum will be very happy about its new “Bochum Observer” 🙂
    In case you haven’t read it yet: Andreas Beck published an article in VPR, which might be of interest to you (Crossing Borders between London and Leipzig, between Image and Text: A Case Study of the›Illustrirte Zeitung‹ (1843)).

  4. Marie Léger-St-Jean says:

    Great work on the layout! I was wondering 1) whether you were looking for the duplicate images by hand or using a script; and 2) whether there would be a digital output or if it would only be in print, in the dissertation. Thanks!

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