Software Support

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions here or contact us directly (see below).

The 9th ESPRit Conference uses Zoom for convening. Please refer to the Zoom Help Center for Support.

Virtual Meeting Spaces

Pre-recorded talks

All pre-recorded talks will be hosted on a private channel on

The talks will not be listed in youtube’s index and will not appear in search results. They can only be accesses via specific URLs that will be embedded on our conference website.

Online Conference​

All live sessions will be accessible via the free video conferencing application Zoom.

You can install zoom on your PC, notebook, or mobile device, or access it from your browser. Please refer to the Zoom Help Center if you have any questions regarding the use or safety of the application. You are welcome to contact us if you have any further questions.

Virtual Backgrounds

Chose one of these free virtual backgrounds to use in Zoom during the conference (right click to download).

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