Poster: Gaëtan Regniers​

Between News and Fiction

Russian Literature in Dutch Newspapers

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Gaëtan Regniers


  1. Profile photo ofkoffeman Maaike Koffeman says:

    Hello Gaëtan, your research sounds very intriguing. I am wondering if you know where this particular interest in Russian fiction came from, and if you have any comparative data on translations from other languages?

    1. Fabio Guidali says:

      As a matter of fact, considering that serialised translations from the Russian were common in Italy too, even during the Fascist time, I was wondering if you can expand on the authors that were translated. In Fascist Italy, for instance, Russian literature in periodicals meant of course 19th-century authors, not contemporary (Soviet) authors. I sense this was not the case in the Netherlands, as there was maybe a chronological correspondence, that is translation of contemporary authors. Am I right to think so? Thank you Gaëtan for your fascinating work!

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