Poster: Anna Axtner-Borsutzky

The postwar journal »Die Wandlung« (1945-1949) and the transatlantic influence on intellectual exchange

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Anna Axtner-Borsutzky


  1. Fabio Guidali says:

    Thank you Anna for this poster, I’m looking forward to your presentation! I would probably ask you to go deeper into the reflection of language in “Die Wandlung”. I know it is something that literature has been focusing on for years, above all as regards Sternberger, but I was wondering how is it possible for you to connect different ways of approaching this kind of periodical (intellectual networking studies on one side, linguistic studies on the other).

  2. Profile photo ofDG Daniela Gretz says:

    Thank you for the presentation of your interesting project Anna. I can only agree with Giulio: I would be interested in combining the presented perspective of a biographical and sociological constellation research with a broader view not only on linguistic but also on bibliographical/periodical codes and the concrete mediality of the magazine in its manifold constellations; to reconstruct not only the transatlantic dialogue and transfer of the prominent contributors but also the ‘extended dialogue’ of their contributions in the issues themselves. Perhaps we can talk about this in the workshop.

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