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This is the ESPRit conference notice board. All participants are invited to post public comments, announcements, messages, greetings, etc. here.


  1. Profile photo ofNoraRamtke Nora Ramtke says:

    We are already 150 conference participants – fantastic! Welcome everybody!
    You’re always invited to post a comment here on the notice board.

    Wir sind schon 150 Konferenzteilnehmer – fantastisch! Herzlich Willkommen allerseits!
    Sie sind herzlich eingeladen hier auf dem Notice Board einen Kommentar zu hinterlassen.

  2. Profile photo ofcbachmann Christian Bachmann says:

    A quick update on the statistics: Over 200 participants have signed up to watch and discuss your papers and your videos have accrued more than 130 hours of playtime.

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