Poster: Marianne Noel​

Institutionalizing chemistry trhough journals (1789-2018)

Longevity, publication, frequency, places of publication and dynamics of sub-disciplines

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Marianne Noel


  1. Fabio Guidali says:

    I am impressed by this work, also because it explores the long-term aspect of periodicals. I was wondering if in the field of chemistry there is a relationship between periodicals as serialised academic products and monographs/books, as it happens for instance in the field of history or literature.

  2. Marianne NOEL says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Due to technical difficulties I could not present the poster, sorry.
    Today, journal articles are, along with patents, the main type of publication in chemistry. Books are mainly used for teaching purposes (not research) But this was probably not always the case.
    There is a category “Monographic series” in the database we’ve built so I assume we should explore this issue. Good comment, thank you

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