Peter Buse

Dean of the School of the Arts at the University of Liverpool and Vice-Chair of the European Society for Periodical Research. Author of The Camera Does the Rest: How Polaroid Changed Photography (Chicago UP: 2016), a media archaeology of instant photography that drew heavily on photography periodicals. Other current interests include psychoanalysis, comedy, and periodicals, especially relations between the first and the other two, with a long study of Freud’s journals in preparation.  

Recent Publications

Buse, P. and N. Triana-Toribio, Letters to Belvedere: Participatory Cinephilia in Late Francoism, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies (Forthcoming, 2022)

Buse, P. (2018). The Photographer as Reader: The Aspirational Amateur in the Photo-Magazines. In B. Burbridge, & A. Pollen (Eds.), Photography Reframed : New Visions in Photographic Culture. Bloomsbury.

Buse, P. (2009). Polaroid, Aperture, and Ansel Adams: Rethinking the Industry-Aesthetics Divide. History of Photography, 33(4), 354-369.

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