Information about the Registration

About the Conference
The 9th ESPRit Conference is carried out in two distinct phases. In phase 1 (1-13 June 2021) you will have the opportunity to watch and comment the pre-recorded papers of the panels and prepared posters of the postgraduate workshop at your leisure. The comments help to prepare the live Q&A sessions in phase 2.
During the main conference in phase 2 (14-17 June 2021), further live events will bring us together, including the postgraduate workshop (11 June 2021), keynote lectures, ESPRit business meeting, roundtable, plenary panels.

Please register on the conference website, then you will be able to see all pre-recorded presentations, comment and participate in the live sessions. To sign up, create a profile by clicking on Log In. After registration, you will receive an email to inform you, that our admins will activate your account as soon as possible. Please note: You can log in only after your account has been activated by our administrators. This can take up to one day! You will receive a second email to inform you, that your account has been activated. In the next step we kindly ask you to edit your profile.

Conference fees
Thanks to the generous funding from the DFG, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and the RUB Research School, participation in the conference is free of charge.

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